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Healthcare and Bioscience Committee Preparing for Economic Impact Study

The Chamber's Healthcare and Bioscience Committee is successfully tackling a few projects this year. The Chamber puts out an Economic Impact Study every other year that measures job creation, wages compared with other industries, industry size, current projects, and projected growth. The committee is also preparing a heathcare summit event for later in the year.

The Chamber's Healthcare and Bioscience  Economic Impact Studies measure job creation, wages compared with other industries, industry size, current projects and projected growth. This document is extremely helpful in promoting San Antonio’s leading industry to outsiders, including support industries. With the help of Dr’s. Rich Butler & Mary Stefl from Trinity University, Mike Zucker, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer of Baptist Health System, will head the efforts to produce a report by the end of the year. 


The committee is also preparing to host a healthcare summit event targeted at owners of small to medium sized businesses, with regard to the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA). This is to address business owners' need to be educated on how to remain compliant with the law in terms of regulations, costs, and options. Currently, some of the new law’s components have been implemented, such as covering children up to 26 years of age under their parents’ health insurance.

Committee members discussed including a Tri-Care piece, since military may be affected as well. The committee is going forward with their plans, but the topics may change when the Supreme Court issues a verdict on the AHCA.

If you are a Chamber member and would like to get involved in the Healthcare & Bioscience Committee, please contact Lisa O’Briant at or (210)229-2190. 

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