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Freight Shuttle Proposal Previewed by Transportation Committee

The Greater Chamber’s Transportation Committee previewed a freight shuttle system design that is being considered for use in Texas along the IH-35 corridor. The proposed system would move truck trailers and containers via transporters, similar to passenger monorails, down the median of IH-35. 

Dr. Stephen Roop, Assistant Director of the Texas Transportation Institute for the Texas A&M University System, briefed the committee on the proposed freight shuttle project. According to Dr. Roop, the system would be a privately financed and operated freight transportation alternative for use in highly congested intercity corridors. The initial segment would stretch from Dallas to San Antonio with the intent of international expansion into Monterrey, Mexico. The system would reduce the cost to transport goods by approximately $0.40 per mile and transit time by 2 or more days. The system has also incorporated “scan in motion” technology that allows for 100% inspection at an increased velocity of trade. Able to operate 24 hours a day, the transporters would run continuously at a rate of 49.9 miles-per-gallon, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.

With more than 25 years of experience in freight transportation systems and operations, Dr. Roop is responsible for guiding freight and safety research in the areas of rail, ports and waterways, intermodal trucking and pipelines with the goal of establishing these areas as a national focal point for innovative research. Dr. Roop explained that the Freight Shuttle system was initially designed for the sole purpose of finding a low-emission alternative to moving freight and to relieve congestion and road deterioration created by trucks in heavy freight/travel corridors.

For more information on the Freight Shuttle project, please visit their website.

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