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Energy Committee Planning for 2012

Although 2012 is already underway, Energy and Sustainability committee Chair Diana Liebmann, Partner with Haynes and Boone LLP, led the committee in a discussion about what  issues will be priorities for the remainder of 2012.

New committee member Chip Haass, Market Development Manager for Chesapeake Energy, began the discussion by sharing that because of his presentation at the committee’s February meeting, he has been able to establish a partnership with a member organization interested in the conversion of their fleet vehicles to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). He also mentioned vehicle manufacturer Honda’s recent commitment to make their dealerships CNG filling stations.

Haass highlighted that CNG use and the development of CNG filling stations should continue to be a topic of discussion for the committee. Others noted that there were member organizations that would benefit from the discussion but are not involved in the committee and offered suggestions as to who was missing and how to get them engaged.

Concern over the potential summer energy supply was also discussed as a priority. Important to business owners and residents alike, there is concern regarding ERCOT’s inability to handle peak energy needs and the potential for the implementation of rolling brownouts during the hot summer months. This also brought up the importance of energy conservation methods and energy efficiency options. The committee highlighted the supply issue in terms of cost savings for businesses. Other topics discussed included the diversification of energy supply and increased use of renewable resources.

For more information on how to join the energy conversation, please contact April Alcorta (210) 229-2103 on how to become a member and get plugged-in to our Energy and Sustainability Committee.

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